Witt's End Softball was created with coaches in mind.  When I first became a head coach back in 2007, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Trying to keep up with everything from the GACA All-Stars and All-State, the Dugout Club Elite 80 and Senior All-Star game, the GHSA newsletters and proposals, fall tournaments, summer schedules and EVERYTHING else we have to do as coaches......became a little stressful.  I mean, all I really wanted to do was coach, right?

When I served for the Georgia Dugout Club, I was in charge of getting out information about all of their events and it snowballed into sending out information about everything that was going on.  I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the relationships that I built through communicating with my favorite people - coaches.

But then I was sending 20 emails each month to coaches.  And I know, as well as you do, coaches do NOT have the time to be reading through 20 emails a month.  That meant that most of the information was ending up in the garbage or being "saved for later."  So I decided to start compiling it through a newsletter.

My son, Witt, was born in October of 2014.  The day after I suffered the worst defeat of my head coaching career.  A 19-0 loss to Heritage, Catoosa in the first round of the state playoffs.  Got beat.  Drove 3 hours home.  Got girls off bus.  Fell asleep on couch at 1:30.  Leslie woke me up at 3:00 and said "I think it's time to go."  I thought I was in a hotel in Ringgold (I know, Heritage is not in Ringgold, that is just what I thought).  Witt was born early that afternoon.

The name, Witt's End, actually came when I started restoring furniture and opened a booth at Lexington Vintage in Athens, GA (which I officially "retired" from in October of 2017) in November of 2014 to pay for diapers.  I emailed my family to see if they had a catchy name for my booth.  My Uncle Kenny Dooley had the best response, Witt's End Antiques.  That name never made it up at my booth.

In March of 2014, I introduced my first newsletter.  It was sporadic, at best, and I did not adhere to my "monthly" newsletter as I first thought I would.  Not enough information out there to fill a newsletter each month and I wanted to make sure that each newsletter was "fresh" and kept the coaches up to speed on things.  I had to keep it changing (just like my furniture booth) to keep you all coming back!

So, that is where this all started.  And I thought it fit perfectly with the reasoning behind doing the newsletter and the website.  Coaches can sometimes get to their "Witt's End" with all of the things they deal with when coaching.  I hope and pray that this website will help coaches spend less time making schedules, finding tournaments, and doing all of the things they need to do to run a successful program and MORE time with the things that are important to them:  1) Family  2) Their Team  3) Their Classroom.  If that has happened, then I feel like this website is a success.

Here is my true inspiration for this website.  Many people may think it is my boys.  They is actually #2 on my list behind my beautiful and wonderful wife, Witt and Wade's caring and loving mother, Leslie.  She is such an inspiration to me for all that she does in her job as a counselor.  She spends so much time working with kids to help them with everything they need in not only school, but in life.  Much like coaching, school counseling can be a thankless job.  You don't really know the impact that you have on kids until years later when you run into them in the grocery store or they shoot you a random thank you text or email when they are mature enough to realize all that you did for them in the past when they were "still trying to figure out who they are."  

Thank you Leslie for all that you are and all that you do.  I LOVE YOU!!!

Our 2nd boy, Wade (after Boggs) was born in May of 2018 and now our family is complete!


My high school softball coaching history.

2005-2006 - Assistant Coach at Collins Hill High School

2007 - 2010 - Head Coach at Collins Hill High School

2011-2014 - Head Coach at North Oconee

2015-2017 - Assistant Coach at Morgan County

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