Team Cut Tee Scrimmage

The purpose of this drill is to work on cuts from the outfield with runners on base.

Full defense with pitcher stationed behind the circle (for safety).  Put runners where you need to depending on what you are working on.

Hitters focus on hitting the ball through the middle and hitting to the opposite field.

Basically, this is a scrimmage with the tee.  Keep it simple and work on the areas that your team needs most.  One day you can focus on cuts, another day you can focus on double plays.  

Baserunning is also key in this drill.  Have coaches coaching the bases and runners reading balls off of the bat and picking up their coaches.

USE YOUR CATCHER!!!  Make your catcher be vocal on every play to make sure they are always paying attention to the situation.

Make this drill whatever you want it to be.  It is fast paced and and you can get a lot done in a little time instead of waiting on pitchers to throw strikes.

Hannah Grossman - Mary Persons

"W" Drill

“W” is for WINNER! Drill emphasizes all out hustle, athletic plants/change of direction, making catch sprinting forward, & making the over the shoulder catch. Drill requires each player to have softball & 2 coaches with gloves. 5 cones will be set up so players are sprinting in a W.

Players line up at 3rd base. Set a cone 40 feet down OF line past 3rd. On coach’s signal, player sprints to OF cone with ball in hand, plants, faces the infield and makes throw to coach #1 standing in vicinity of cone #2. As soon as player throws ball, she sprints in direction of her throw. As she is sprinting, coach #1 makes a short underhand toss for player to catch. As soon as player makes the catch, tosses back to coach #1 & sprints to cone #3. Coach #1 tosses over players head for over shoulder catch made near cone #3. After player makes catch, throws ball to coach #2 & repeats the drill.

To keep drill moving at fast pace, have next player sprint from 3rd to cone #1 after coach #1 receives throw from previous player. Added team challenge—make every catch! 

Learned this drill from Lu Harris—Champer at UGA.

Courtesy of Julie Brooker - Lake Oconee Academy


Mental Toughness Drill

This could be a fungo scrimmage between JV & Varsity or just using 1 team.

1. Play 21 outs, 3 outs at a time.  At the end of each half inning, return on a sprint to the dugout.

2. Coach hits fungo scrimmage.  For every out or error there will be running.  The purpose is to make them tired and have them used to being tired in the late innings, when it counts the most.

3. Every time an out is made, players will run 1x the following.  Every time an error is made, players will run 5x the following.

Catchers—Far end of Dugout and back

Pitchers—to backstop and back

1st—to 3rd and back on dirt

2nd and SS—to cone in CF and back

3rd—to 1st and back on dirt

Corner OF—To foul pole and back

CF—To 2nd base and back

Once you finish your 21 outs, you are done.  You can modify the running or add different types of conditioning to work for your team (crunches, pushups, planks, etc)

Courtesy of Billy Dooley by way of Paul Pierce - Mill Creek

Conditioning Drill

Begin by splitting your team into 4 even groups.  Have one group go to each base.

The drill begins with your starting catcher throwing the ball to 2b. 

After she throws to 2b, she runs to 1b. 

The girl from 2b throws to 1b and runs to 3b.

When the 1b receives the ball, she throws to 3b then runs to 2b.

The player at 3b catches the ball and then throws to 2b……..

This continues until you end up where you started or you make X amount of throws without mistakes.

The basic rule of thumb is the player with the ball will throw to the base that the runner is approaching. Once she makes a good throw, then she runs to the next base.

You can implement other little details in this drill that you want: footwork, making tags, good throws, etc.

Courtesy of Jason McBay - Morgan County

Game Simulation

9 on Defense. 

Runner on 1st.

Live pitching.

Hitter must bunt runner to 2nd.  Next will hit behind runner to move to 3rd. Then will work to drive runner in from 3rd.

We find that this is a great drill because it not only helps with all aspects of the game on offense and defense, but it also allows your pitchers to work, base-runners to work on reads, and hitters to develop the mental part of the game that is so crucial.  Go to the plate with a plan.

Once the runner has scored, they switch out on defense with someone in their position and just continue until everyone has hit, run, and played defense.

We get it done in about 30 minutes if everyone is working and doing it correctly to keep everyone moving.

This is a great drill to do about once a week to keep them focused.

Courtesy of Kelli Poff - Bacon County