c/o 2019 recruiting assistance

Are you interested in playing college softball but don't know where to start?  Overwhelmed because you see others committing to play and it seemed easy for them?  
If you are 100% interested in playing college softball, I want YOU to fill out the attached form.  NOT YOUR PARENTS or anyone else.  From here on out, I want to help you take ownership in the recruiting process.
I will do what I can do get your name out there.  Before I add you to the website, I need a couple of things.  ALL OF THIS IS REQUIRED to be added to the website.
1. Fill this out - ​
2. A softball picture.  Preferrably a headshot but action shot is ok.  Email this to me.
3. A short write up from your head coach about the type of player and teammate that you are.  Get your head coach to email this to me.
4. Skills video.  This DOES NOT have to be professional.  Maybe 30 seconds of BP and 30 seconds of defense.  Something to give the coaches an idea of what you can do on the field.  The video MUST BE A  YOUTUBE link.  
This is the #1 thing college coaches ask for.  Seeing you play.  Not stats.  They don't care about your stats.  They wanna see YOU.
*Once your profile is created it will go here:
Witt's End College Prospects
** I will send an email out to every college coach in the Southeast (Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennesse, and Alabama).  You are welcome to send out your profile to anyone outside of that area.  
***My hope is to get you some attention and then for YOU to take over at that point.
Couple of things to know:
1. Coaches would rather here from YOU than me.  I can get your name out there, but it is up to you to reach out to schools you are interested in and invite them to any remaining games you have or travel games after the season is over.
2. If you do not hear back from a coach within a week, follow up.  It is ok to follow up once a week - IT SHOWS YOU ARE INTERESTED
3. Respond to EVERY coach that contacts you.  Do not close ANY doors until you have made a final decision.  I will forward anything I get back to you and your head coach.
4.  Keep me updated on any changes I need to make to your profile (videos, test scores, etc). 
I look forward to working with you.  If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  
Coach Billy Dooley
Twitter: @WittsEndGAsoftB