Landing Soft Drill

The purpose of this drill is to work on landing soft on your front side when striding to hit.  This will help kids that stride to quickly and land too hard on their front side.

Players take their shoes off and will need a towel.  The towel will be folded to the length of their stride and placed between their feet.  The reason we do this with our socks off and a towel is they can feel their feet better if they step off of the towel and how softly or hard they are landing.

You can do this drill with any tee drills you do.

Start with just striding to hit.  Work on your feet and when you stride to hit making sure that when you stride you still have more of your weight on the back side (about 60/40).  So many kids think the stride is a part of their swing.  The key is to stride slowly and keep your weight back.  When you recognize the pitch, then you explode.

After the kids are comfortable with the stride, have the kids take dry swings.  Again, focusing on making sure their weight is still back when they stride before they swing.

As the kids get more and more comfortable, add a ball and move the tee around.  With EVERY drill, remember the main focus is the stride.


Angela Crawford - Houston County High School