Here are some answers to frequently asked questions and some links to the GHSA Website that will help you.

From Ernie Yarbrough at GHSA - "Umpires are now required to attend a GHSA sanctioned Umpires Development Camp to be eligible for post-season assignment, and every other year to be eligible for varsity level regular season assignment."  **If you are interested in hosting one of these camps over the summer for the umpires (I believe at no charge, please contact Ernie directly.

How many games can we play next season? 26 (18 JV games)

When is the official start date? August 1st is when you can start requiring players to be in attendance.  Everything before August 1st is still considered summer.

GHSA Softball Rules - ALL COACHES need to familiarize themselves with the rules regarding softball in the GHSA Constitution