Tennis Ball Reaction Drill

Purpose: Increase reactions of infielders, especially corners and pitchers.

Organization: Players stand between 2 cones 15 ft apart. Coach stands across from player 50 ft away. Tennis balls and racquet are needed for the drill.

Execution: Coach begins the drill by hitting a tennis ball between the 2 cones. Coach will hit 5 balls to the player in rapid succession. Players wear regular or flat glove. Objective is to keep balls from passing between cones.

Variations: Increase/decrease distance between coach and player to vary reaction time needed to execute the drill. Distance between cones can also be changed. Make this a competition between coaches and players!

Coaching Points: Although players are only required to stop the ball, require them to utilize proper mechanics. Remind players to get in ready position as soon as ball is knocked down. If player dives, she must bounce up immediately, which will help in game situations. Remind players to remain in athletic position at all times. 

Coaches—HAVE FUN and COMPETE against your players!!

Courtesy of Doug Connelly - Morgan County


Middle Infield Drill

Crossover Steps—Begin in the ready position with partner 10 to 20 feet in front of you

Partner points to the left or right, player reacts and crosses over in that direction

Player turns shoulders and explodes for 5 steps

Do this for 5 reps in each direction

Add a ball to the drill

Instead of pointing throw a ground ball to the left and right. 

The player will crossover and explode the field the ball.

Do this for 5 reps in each direction

We do these every practice.  Takes about 10-15 minutes.


Great for working on first-step quickness

We stole this from Coach Hutchins at Michigan.

Courtesy of Eric Stoker - Archer